Maana Kamo | Maana Homes

Release Time: June 18, 2020

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Year Built: Maana Kamo - 2020

Client: Maana Homes

Project directors: Irene Chang, Hana Tsukamoto

Architect: Uoya Shigenori

Interior Design: Maana Homes


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Front House Vertical Night

Travel is an opportunity to explore the world as well as ourselves. Maana Homes is a collection of retreats created by two founders exploring the true purpose of travel. Each home tells a different story, but they all inspire a journey to connect with our inner selves and the world around us. Growth and comfort can coexist, our projects seek to find that delicate balance in between. To experience peace within is the new luxury.

Bathroom with Table

Bathroom Sink


Bathtub Night

The silence within

“To the mind that is still, the whole world surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

A home designed for quiet contemplation and reflection, its understated spaces are intimate and tranquil. Muted and seamless, its pure purpose is to silence the noise within. Conscious restraint from the superfluous highlights the absence of material indulgence.  An austere space of simplistic harmony, the home’s beauty is reflected with light, shadows and forms.

Guest Bedroom Angle

Guest Bedroom Window Open

Guest Bedroom

Before Guestroom

Our second project is very much inspired by our time spent in Kyoto in the last year as our venture grows its roots in this town. The way of life here is filled with ancient wisdom, only visible to those with a silent mind just like the air we breathe.

Detail Wall


Kitchen Wall

Before Kitchen

Buzzing up and down the Kamo River has become part of our everyday lives. Yet no matter how busy we are, the peacefully dramatic scenery around Kamo River always gently reminds us to slow our pace and take in the the magic around us everyday. By being simply present, we see and feel so much more. We hope Maana Kamo will inspire our guests to take the time to silence our minds and choose to be present. Even for just a moment.


Hallway Angle

Hallway Window

Austere harmony

The machiya is about a century old in a neglected condition with not many interiors we could keep. We carved out new functional spaces and restored its architectural integrity. The new spaces are designed as seamless as possible to create a visually serene aesthetic while highlighting the old structure.

Master Bedroom Angle Horizontal

Master Bedroom Angle Vertical

Master Bedroom Ceiling

Master Bedroom Dark

Master Bedroom Zoom

The ceiling of the house is opened up to reveal its beautiful original wood beam and structure. As we added the new master bedroom under the open ceiling, a skylight is added to bring in soft indirect natural light, and new walls are built for acoustic separation from other spaces, creating a peaceful cocoon.

Living Room Cushion

Livingroom Table Vertical

A Japanese tatami room designed with “slow life” in mind.  The addition of an unobtrusive modern bench allows guests to enjoy the Kamo river scenery that changes along with all four seasons. When not housing futons, this versatile room can be used for yoga and meditation.

Construction First Floor

Construction Second Floor

Construction Bathroom

Construction Guestroom

Construction Kitchen

Blurring the lines between art and architecture, Maana Kamo is an expression of what austere harmony feels like to us.

Construction Living Room

Construction Stairs

Construction Master Bedroom

In Progress Bathroom

In Progress Living Room

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